KOA 'Get Out There' Outdoor Adventure Grant Application Form

KOA 'Get Out There' Outdoor Adventure Grants are designed to help everyday fans of the outdoors live their dream adventure. That dream may be to test your own limits. It also might be to finally reconnect with family or friends in a wonderful, adventurous setting. It might be to take a deserving someone in your own personal circle on their dream adventure.

KOA 'Get Out There' Outdoor Adventure Grants are for individuals and groups of all ages (grant applicants must be 18 or over) and any level of "outdoor experience." This is your chance to live your dream in the outdoors.

KOA 'Get Out There' Outdoor Adventure Grants are funded solely by Kampgrounds of America Inc. However, partner companies of KOA Inc. may be involved in the fulfillment of certain granted adventures.

It could be anything . . . and that's the point.

Please fill out the form below. When complete, hit "submit" to have your grant application automatically sent to the KOA 'Get Out There' Grant Advisory Selection Committee.


Grant applications are considered for adventures that can occur within one year of the grant award date. All outdoor adventure locations are limited to the United States or Canada. Applicants must be U.S. or Canadian citizens, or be U.S. Green Card holders or have obtained Canadian Permanent Residency.

Grant applicants must be at least 18 years of age as of June 22, 2018.

All decisions of the KOA 'Get Out There' Grant Advisory Selection Committee are final.

Contact Information

Grant Application

By my electronic signature, I agree that:

  • All of the information presented in this application is accurate and true.
  • Any awarded funds will be used for the purposes stated, and that any changes in plans will be reported to Kampgrounds of America Inc.
  • If for any reason the planned outdoor adventure is canceled or significantly changed, any unexpended award funds must be returned to KOA Inc.
  • I will be responsible for any taxes that may apply to the grant award received.
  • Neither I, nor any member of my party, have been convicted of a felony or under any probationary restrictions.
  • Any photos or video footage of the outdoor adventure provided by the grant are the exclusive property of Kampgrounds of America Inc., and I grant KOA Inc. full rights of use and of reproduction of said videos and photos.
  • I agree that Kampgrounds of America Inc. or its agents have the sole discretion and control over the approval of arrangements of the provided outdoor adventure. Any required planning changes in the outdoor adventure will be at the approval and discretion of KOA Inc.
  • Grant recipients are primarily responsible for all arrangements, with the pre-approval of Kampgrounds of America Inc.
  • Grant amounts may not be sufficient to cover the total cost of a granted adventure. All other costs will be the sole responsibility of the grant recipient.
  • I agree that before any grant funds are expended or plans executed, a signed and initialed "Agreement" between the grant participant and Kampgrounds of America Inc. must be received, along with the recipient's social security number or Canadian tax ID number (for tax purposes). This form will be provided to grant recipients when notified that they have been awarded a grant.